Whether you are browsing the site as an explorer checking out the church or a member seeing what's happening, we are glad you're here! There is much information here about who we are and what we are doing. If you need any other information please feel free to contact us. Thanks for your visit today!

Whether you are browsing the site as an explorer checking out the church or a member seeing what’s happening, we are glad you’re here! There is much information here about who we are and what we are doing. If you need any other information please feel free to contact us. Thanks for your visit today!

Family Style Service

Our worship services are intentionally unpolished.  We allow lots of time for prayer requests and praises.  Our worship leaders are all volunteers.  We are not sloppy or haphazard, but it is ok, if on occasion, there is an “oops” having to do with music  or sound  or order or decorum.   Crying babies don’t ruffle our feathers.  We choose our lives to attract others to our Lord rather than our worship service.  Therefore we serve family style in our community.  Our witness, our acts of kindness and good deeds happen as our families take the initiative to serve all week long.  Sunday then becomes not the day of labor that our rest has led to, but the day of rest that our labor has led to. 


Family Style Mid-Week

Family Night is a time to get together and study, encourage, and have fun.  Bring the whole family!  This is a time when teaching and example can be passed to the generations.  This kind of interaction doesn’t usually happen on Sunday morning.

 At Family Night we have the time to build bonds within the body of Christ that nurture faith and love.  Sometimes the emphasis is study, and sometimes it is more fellowship, but it is always good for building each other up in our Christian walk. 


Family Style Lessons

This year we would like to offer a buffet of Lessons plans for your family to choose from. Of course you can always choose your own lessons to suit your family’s needs.

 Here are some suggestions:

 *The 260 Lessons from last year

*Bible in 1 year (read & discuss)

*Bible in 2 years (read & Discuss)

 *Joann Petersen’s Hymn Studies

*Joann Petersen’s Devotionals

*Any other lessons of your choosing


Family Style Worship


We don’t send the kids downstairs for “children’s church”  or nursery.   We love to see the whole family worshipping and encouraging the body together.  We think this is the best way for families to pass on the legacy of church gathering.  We also believe that children are able to pick up on much more than they are usually given credit for.  But since we have all generations present in our services, we set two priorities:

 1. Our music is blended. 

 2. Our service includes a variety of features to keep the attention of even the smallest listeners. 

These features may include:

*Book Reports

*Missions Moments

*Children’s Sermons

*Memory Videos

*Personal or Family Testimonies – (live or video)

*Greetings from: Friends of the church, shut-ins, travelers, etc…

*Special Music

*Family Style Testimonies


 All of these will be done to praise God and to encourage each other. 


A Year of Family Style Lessons

All Lessons are complete and posted for 2012.  Please report any problems to Tim.  Thank You! 

Lesson 1 Sept 26,27,28

Lesson 2 Sept 29,30,Oct 3

Lesson 3 Oct 4,5,6

Lesson 4 Oct 7,10,11

Lesson 5 Oct 12,13,14

Lesson 6 Oct 17,18,19

Lesson 7 Oct 20,21,24

Lesson 8 Oct 25,26,27

Lesson 9 Oct 28,31,Nov 1

Lesson 10 Nov 2,3,4

Lesson 11 Nov 7,8,9

Lesson 12 Nov 10,11, 14

Lesson 13 Nov 15,16,17

Lesson 14 Nov 18,21,22

Lesson 15 Nov 23,24,25

Lesson 16 Nov 28,29,30

Lesson 17 Dec 1,2,5

Lesson 18 Dec 6,7,8

Lesson 19 Dec 9,12,13

Lesson 20 Dec 14,15,16

Lesson 21 Dec 19,20,21

Lesson 22 Dec 22,23,26

Lesson 23 Dec 27,28,29

Lesson 24 Dec 30, Jan 2,3

Lesson 25 Jan 4,5,6

Lesson 26 Jan 9,10,11

Lesson 27 Jan 12,13,16

Lesson 28 Jan 17,18,19

Lesson 29 Jan 20,23,24

Lesson 30 Jan 25,26,27

Lesson 31 Jan 30,31,Feb 1

Lesson 32 Feb 2,3,6

Lesson 33 Feb 7,8,9

Lesson 34 Feb 10,13,14

Lesson 35 Feb 15,16,17

Lesson 36 Feb 20,21,22

Lesson 37 Feb 23,24,27

Lesson 38 Feb 28,29,Mar 1

Lesson 39 Mar 2,5,6

Lesson 40 Mar 7,8,9

Lesson 41 Mar 12,13,14

Lesson 42 Mar 15,16,19

Lesson 43 Mar 20,21,22

Lesson 44,45,46,- Mar 23,26,27,28,29,30 

Lesson 47 April 1-9 Special Holy Week Lessons

Lesson 48 Apr 10,11,12

Lesson 49 Apr 13,16,17

Lesson 50Apr18,19,20

 Lesson 51Apr 23,24,25

 Lesson 52 – 53 Apr 26,27,30 May 1,2,3

 Lesson 54-58 -Lesson 54 May 4,7,8; -Lesson 55-9,10,11-Lesson 56 14,15,16- Lesson 57 17,18,21-Lesson 58 22,23,24

  Lesson 59May 25,28,29

 Lesson 60May 30,31,June 1

 Lesson 61June 4,5,6

 Lesson 62June 7,8,11

 Lesson 63 June 12,13,14

Lesson 64 June 15,18,19

Lesson 65 June 20,21,22

Lesson 66June 25,26,27

 Lesson 67 June 28,29 July 2

Lesson 68July 3,4,5

 Lesson 69 July 6,9,10 

 Lesson 70 July 11,12,13

 Lesson 71 July 16,17,18 

Lesson 72 July 19,20,23 

Lesson 73 July 24,25,26

Lesson 74 July 27, 30,31

Lesson 75 Aug 1,2,3 

Lesson 76 Aug 6,7,8

Lesson 77 Aug 9,10,13

Lesson 78 Aug 14,15,16

Lesson 79 Aug 17,20,21

Lesson 80 Aug 22,23,24

Lesson 81 Aug 27,28,29

Lesson 82 Aug 30,31, Sept 3

Lesson 83 Sept 4,5,6 

Lesson 84 Sept 7,10,11

Lesson 85 Sept 12,13,14 

Lesson 86 Sept 17,18,19

Lesson 87 Sept 20,21,24

Lesson 88 Sept25,26,27

Click here to read about the Family Style campaign


Our Sunday Worship Service happens at 10:30am.  In our Service we try to follow Paul’s advice in his letter to the Ephesians (5:19)  ” Speak to one another with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord,”   There are many things that happen during the service, but we hope in all of them we encourage each other and praise God.   We try have a blended service each week.  That means we sing some songs that are old and some that are new.   You will also notice that each week we partake of the Lord’s Supper as the center of our worship.  After all, everything we do is in gratitude for Jesus’ sacrifice.   On any given Sunday you might see a children’s message, a missions moment, a book report, a testimony, recitation of memory verses, special music, a drama,  and sometimes Wrinkles the dog shows up.  Still all of this is to spur one another onward in the Lord and to praise God.  We welcome you to come and join in on the worship of God!